gas furnace repair company

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Oil Burner ConversionWhether your old gas furnace needs to be replaced, you are converting from oil to gas or you have a new home being built, we are the HVAC contractor you should choose. We have extensive experience in all phases of gas furnace installation, gas furnace conversion and gas furnace replacement. As an American Standard Customer Care Dealer and a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor you know this means we do the job the right way – and as a consumer, having confidence in your contractor should be a primary concern.

gas furnace repair company

Gas Furnace Replacement



Gas Furnace ReplacementLet’s face it – nothing lasts forever. An old, inefficient furnace costs more to operate and maintain than a new one (no kidding – right?). But did you know there are programs available that may offset some of the cost of replacing your system, that there are rebates and incentives available for replacing inefficient furnaces – and we can do all the legwork for you when it comes to “how to get the best bang for your buck”! How much can you save? It all depends on how much you currently use … how inefficient the old system is and how efficient the new system will be … but based on very general averages, homeowners who currently spend an average of $100/month can save up to $23/month … homeowners who spend an average of $133/month can save up to $31/month and homeowners who spend an average of $166/month can save up to $38/month. These are averages – and of course your savings will depend on the specifics of the house design and system being installed … but if you consider some of the programs we offer, a replacement system will cost you in the range of $70 to as little as $55 per month out of pocket. When considering whether to replace your gas furnace or whether to continue to shell out money into repairs, consider asking us to calculate what a replacement furnace will cost you.

gas furnace repair company

New Furnace Installation

Gas Furnace replacementIf you have natural gas available where you are building your home, it is by far the most efficient and lowest cost fuel alternative available. Based on “Cost per Therm”, for every dollar you spend on natural gas to heat your home, the closest alternative is wood … at $1.35 … so, if you spend $100/month for gas, it will cost you $135/month for wood. Look at the chart below for the different common alternatives”

Natural Gas at $100/month = Electric Heat at $340/month

Natural Gas at $100/month = Propane Heat at $350/month

Natural Gas at $100/month = Oil Heat at $370/month

A Natural Gas Furnace at 97% efficiency will cost more than 3 times less to operate than the alternatives.

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gas furnace repair company

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